This is xoddf2's personal blog. Here, you will find blog posts about nothing in particular.

Who am I?

xoddf2 (/ɛksɒdfˈtu/; he/him/his) is a computer and electronics geek based in the United States.


xoddf2's Blog is hosted at GitLab Pages and is generated by Jekyll. The fully generated site is written in HTML5 and CSS3.

The stylesheet defines light and dark mode, and defaults to the former. It is responsive, and should work well on a PC or mobile device. xoddf2's Blog should be perfectly usable without CSS, though.

The webfont is Lato, which is hosted locally. xoddf2's Blog should be perfectly readable without it, and the visitor's browser should use a sans-serif typeface as a fallback.

xoddf2's Blog contains no JavaScript and does not use cookies.

xoddf2's Blog is designed to work with any browser. xoddf2's Blog's source code is available at GitLab.

Last modified 26 January 2024